JHS & SHS Scholarships for Street children

One of the main causes of children ending up on the streets is that their parents are unable to pay for their education. Many street children are able to return home and continue schooling when offered a scholarship that pays for their educational costs. With these projects we provide scholarships for 10 children to complete Junior High School and take it one step further by enabling 10 more youngsters to continue their education in Senior High School. The children have started their schooling in September 2015 and so far they are showing impressive results.

Junior High School Scholarships for Street children 

JHSThis project has now been completed. The project gave 10 children the opportunity to go to Junior High School and graduate successfully. The children received a scholarship and support for two consecutive years. Agreements were made with the parents/ family of the children and the directors of the schools they were attending on the finances, support and expected progress in school. Staff of our partner SCP visited the students regularly to check on them and provide support them where needed. The students were enrolled in September 2015 and have successfully graduated in 2017. 

This project was supported by the Share4More Foundation, a.o.

Senior High School Scholarships for Street children 

 This project supports another 10 vulnerable youth to go to Senior High School and get their SHS diploma. Ten youngsters who graduated from JHS and are strongly motivated to continue their education but do not have the financial means to do so have been selected. These youth receive a scholarship for three consecutive years and are supported in the same way as described with the JHS project. The ten students have started their SHS education in academic year 2015/16 and are expected to complete with a diploma in 2018.

This project is supported by the Dr. Hofstee foundation and Emmaus Bilthoven, a.o.