In the drop-in center of Safe-Child Advocacy in the center of Kumasi, dozens of street toddlers and babies are taken care of every day. This allows their mothers to take to the streets or market during the day to earn some money, while their little ones can grow up in a safe environment. In 2020 we supported SCA to renovate the drop-in center so that the (class)rooms could be made safe, clean and corona-proof.

And in Abinchi, a poor neighborhood in Kumasi, our partner has built a nursery for babies and toddlers of street connected mothers and market women. It is difficult for these mothers to combine their work with the care for their children, which is why the little ones are often left alone or with an older child on the street during the day. The nursery provides these toddlers with a safe place to eat, play and rest. More than a hundred street toddlers already use the day care. The little ones are divided into groups according to age and taken care of in three different rooms. We supported this project with money for toys, learning materials and furniture.