Did you know that…753a1539_st_matthews_jhs_ghana3_low_res-copy-copy

…in Ghana less than half of the children attends high school?

…every extra year of schooling increases a child’s prospective income with 10-20%?

…babies whose mum completed high school are twice as likely to survive past the age of 5 years?

…a child can go to high school for about €40 a month?

Our Study Fund provides scholarships to enable youth in Ghana to continue their education up to Junior/ Senior High School and complete with a diploma. The scholarship is given for the full period needed for the student to finish their course and graduate from Junior/ Senior High School. This is a maximum of 3 years. We support the children during this period with regular visits to their schools and homes in order to monitor their progress and help prevent any potential problems.

Our partner Street Children Project encounters many youth that are unable to go to high school because of financial problems. We try to get as many of these children as possible to go back to school by providing them with a scholarship that pays for their educational costs. Awarding a scholarship is done based on interviews with the children, their motivation, previous results in school and consultation with their family.

1We already support 50 children and youngsters. These students are at different levels and stages of their Junior High School or Senior High School – but all of them have a guaranteed scholarship up to the completion of their education (max. 3 years).

We want to do so much more! The number of students we can support annually with a three year long scholarship is completely dependent on the number of donations we receive. The total educational cost for JHS is €470 a year, for SHS this is €595 a year. These funds are spent on school fees, exam fees, school books, writing material, school uniforms and material for practicals. Other costs like those for transportation, administration and monitoring of the children are covered by our partner SCP. Therefore, we can guarantee that 100% of your donation goes to the education of youth in Ghana!

Join us and invest in their future! 

A monthly donation of €40 (for JHS) or €50 (for SHS) enables students to go to school. You can also choose to pay only the school fees of a student –  this costs €12,75 a month. Or only the costs of books and writing material (€5 a month). Of course another option is to support our Study Fund with a one off donation of any amount. Click here and invest in the future of these children, they are worth it!

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In Ghana the educational system comprises of 6 years of Primary School, 3 years of Junior High School (JHS) and 3 years of Senior High School (SHS). Unfortunately, more than half of the children in Ghana are unable to complete high school because of financial difficulties. Families are unable to pay for the costs of schooling, which include not only school fees but also exam fees, costs of books, transportation and school uniforms. Sometimes children even have to pay for their own school desk!

Many of the children who are unable to go to school end up on the streets trying to earn some money and improve their lives somehow. This project aims to prevent this loss of potential and to create opportunities for young talent in Ghana to build a future for themselves and their families.