A child in Ghana to high school for just €15 a month

087 - Copy (2)Already 50 children are attending high school with one of our scholarships. These children no longer have to roam the streets to survive, but can put all their energy into creating a better future for themselves. This is a fantastic result. And we are not done yet!

Do you want to join us?

Joining our Study fund is a financial commitment. There will not be any personal correspondence from the child as we want to respect their privacy. You can commit to a monthly donation starting from €10 a month. A full scholarship enabling a child to go to high school can be paid with a monthly donation of €40 (Junior High School) or €50 (Senior High School). You can also decide to pay just the school fees – which is €15 a month. Or just the costs of reading and exercise books, writing material, etc. – €10 a month.

If you prefer to give a one-off donation, please click here.

Join us and invest in the future of these children. They are so worth it!


What is the Study fund?

We started the Study fund in 2015, to support children and youth with scholarships that enable them to go to Junior/ Senior High School. The scholarships pay for educational expenses like school fees, school books, uniforms, and materials for practicals. The scholarships are provided for the period needed to complete with a diploma (max. 3 years). During this period, we stay in close contact with the students to mentor them, monitor their progress and avoid any problems.

Who takes part in the Study fund?

Our partners in Ghana encounter many youth that are unable to go to high school because of financial problems. Awarding these youngsters with a scholarship is done based on personal interviews, their motivation, and consultation with their family and previous teachers and head masters. The number of students we can support annually with a three year long scholarship is completely dependent on the number of donations we receive.

Join us!

Do you also want children in Ghana to grow up in a safe environment and go to school? Don’t wait any longer and register as one of our supporters of the Study fund! You can use the web form above. After having received your registration we will contact you to make the financial arrangements.