The projects we set up with our local partners can be divided over three programmes:

All children should grow up in a safe environment and at home. Children who live on the streets are therefore supported to return to their family or to an alternative family-based home.

Secondly, our focus is on education (formal education and informal vocational training) and increasing employment opportunities (through internships, entrepreneurship training and business start-up kits).

Finally, the empowerment of these children and their families and communities is crucial, so that they can claim their rights from relevant government and agencies.

We call on the Ghanaian authorities to take responsibility and find sustainable solutions for ‘streetism’, hoping that one day no child will have to live on the streets.

Our strategy
Although street children are often seen as pathetic and helpless, in fact they have great potential:

  • They want to learn and develop
  • They are creative in finding solutions
  • They know how to survive in difficult circumstances
  • They work together a lot and can organize themselves well
  • They have a high degree of solidarity, both towards each other and towards others.

Our strategy is therefore not to work for the children, but with them. The children contribute greatly to analyzing their situation and the problems they encounter and finding solutions to them.