Would you give us some of your time? You can support us with your knowledge, your skills, your network or by starting a fundraising activity for our projects. To give some examples, you could organise a second-hand goods market, have a sponsored run at school or crowd source through Facebook. Or maybe you can put us in touch with an enthusiastic sponsor. All suggestions and idea’s are most welcome. Please contact us at info@adamfoghana.com. We’d love to get in touch!

Circle of Friends

With our Circle of Friends we want to create a network of people who are sympathetic to our cause and want to be involved in our work somehow.

We are looking for people who we can approach on an ad hoc basis to ask for advice, tips, network, an extra pair of hands (eg. to create a new flyer) or a constructive look (eg. when developing a project proposal). People who want to think with us and sometimes want to do something as well. Or people who want to act as our ambassador.

Joining our Circle of Friends is of course free of charge. No need to join in meetings and you can take or refuse any request as you like.

Do you want to join in? Please send an email to info@adamfoghana.com.