12 April: International Day for Street Children
This innovative TV drama on youth streetism in Ghana showcases how the interplay of parental irresponsibility towards children and the subsequent crave for non-existent jobs and wealth in Ghana’s urban centres fuels the phenomenon of Kayaaye migration and streetism. It also highlights the adverse consequences of the street life for the children and their families. The TV drama was produced by CEDEPA as part of the awareness raising and advocacy campaign around International Day for Street Children and International Day Against Child Labour, and financed by Adamfo Ghana.

20 November: Day of the Rights of the Child
November 2020
Friday, 20th November 2020, marks the 30th anniversary of the
Convention of the Rights of the Child. On this occasion, a nation-wide coalition of NGOs is calling on the Government of Ghana to make the protection of child rights a priority in 2021 and beyond. Press Release 20 november 2020.

Ayisha speaking at the UN summit ‘Youth Homelessness – leave no one behind’

October 2020
Ayisha – een van de kinderen die we samen met lokale partner Safe-Child Advocacy in Kumasi ondersteunen – sprak deze week op de conferentie ‘Youth Homelessness – leave no one behind’ van de Verenigde Naties! Ze vertelt over haar eigen ervaringen, de oorzaken van jeugd dakloosheid in Ghana en de mogelijke oplossingen. Ze sluit af met een call for action aan alle politici en beleidsmakers in Ghana om voor kinderrechten op te komen, niet alleen met mooie woorden maar met daden!

Hieronder de hele video, Ayisha begint rond de 28e minuut:

A letter to president Akufo-Addo, from the Children of Ghana
April 2020

Every child has a right to health – also those who are living on the streets!
April 2020

Fighting Streetism; Street Children Project in Kumasi – Metro TV (part 1 and 2)
12 April 2017

Animation movies to promote Adamfo Ghana, made by Dutch students through Worldschool

The plight of Ghana’s street children – Good Morning Ghana, Metro TV, 18th April 2016