Take action with your school for the children in Ghana! There are many ways through which you can support us. Of course you can come up with your own action. Here are some ideas to get you started:  

Sponsor run
Garage sale
Sale of homemade cup cakes, cookies, etc.
Auction of second-hand goods or homemade art
Walking or Bicycle tour
Swimming competition
Sale of homemade jewelry or other items

As a school you can hold an annual ‘Ghana Day’, during which each class/ year organizes an activity. You can challenge groups of students to collect as much money as possible, with a prize for the highest score!  

We are excited to work with children and schools who are enthusiastic about organising a sponsorship campagin to support the children in Ghana. Of course, we are happy to help! We can provide promotional material such as photos, posters and flyers. Or we can visit your school to speak about our work and/or by being present at the sponsor day.

Feeling inspired? Please contact Marre at info@adamfoghana.com