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Thank you so much for giving. This enables us to

  • Help vulnerable youth continue their education and get a diploma
  • Accommodate more street girls in the vocational training centre
  • Finance our campaign for respect of the rights of all children

Monthly donation

It doesn’t cost much to make a difference! This is what your monthly donation could do:

For € 5 a month a street child can attend primary school
For € 10 a month a newly graduated hair dresser can start her own business
For € 25 a month a child’s high school fees and books can be paid

Would you like to support us with a monthly donation? Fantastic! Please ask your bank to set up an automatic monthly transfer. The bank details are:

IBAN:NL03TRIO 0777 8346 42
BIC code (for international payments): TRIONL2U
Bank account: 0777 8346 42
Name: Stichting Adamfo Ghana
City: Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

If you want to donate to a specific project please mention this with the transaction.

ANBI logoAdamfo Ghana has been awarded the ANBI status, which means donations can be deducted against Dutch income tax.