Adamfo Ghana is a Dutch charity that is passionate about creating a better future for street children and youth in Ghana. We are partnering with six different local NGOs and CBOs in the three biggest cities in Ghana; Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.

Adamfo Ghana is CBF Recognised Charity. This means we meet the strict requirements on quality and transparancy of the The Netherlands Fundraising Regulator (CBF). 

Click here to read the CBF-Recognition Passport of Adamfo Ghana (in Dutch).

anbiAdamfo Ghana is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO – in Dutch: ANBI) and is therefore entitled to make use of specific Dutch tax advantages. People making donations may deduct their gifts from Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

01-banner-PartinAdamfo Ghana is a member of Partin. Partin is the Dutch umbrella organization for small-scale private sector development initiatives, giving voice to and representing the interests of its members.