Who we are

Adamfo Ghana is a Dutch charity working for a better future for street children and youth in Ghana. We are working on different projects in and around Kumasi, the second city of Ghana.

Adamfo means ‘friends’ in Akan, the most common language in Ghana. We chose the Adinkra symbol ‘Nkonsonkonson’ (‘In unity lies strength’) as our logo. Together we stand strong!

Our board members are:

_MG_0460Emmanuel Adu-Ampong (chairman):

“I think every individual should have the opportunity to realise his/ her dreams and to be able to secure a good future. Education, skills training and job creation are key to achieving this aim.”


13267994_10154115612232319_6355845065041506391_oMarre Adu-Ampong (secretary):

“I’m amazed by the street children in Kumasi. I can see their strength but at the same time their vulnerability, as they are wondering where they will sleep during the night. These children are just children and they deserve a better future.”


KoosKoos de Vetten (treasurer):

“Through my work in different international organisations I made possible several small-scale projects and I have seen the difference these projects make into the lives of the children. I like to help realize such concrete results in Ghana as well.”


karlijnKarlijn Laman (board member):

“These young children have so much potential, but were born and grew up in the wrong circumstances. To help the girls learn a trade benefits not only them but also their families and their kids in the future.”



Akwasi Osei (board member):

“What will make Ghana great is education, education and more education, especially for children, and youth. Education is one of the most powerful tools for transforming human lives, society, and nations at large. We offer this opportunity to those who need it most.”


EdnaEdna Brouns (board member):

“I am working at the Street Children Project in Kumasi for the coming four years. What I find most remarkable so far is the resilience of these youngsters. They have so much to offer and deserve to be empowered so they can create a better future for themselves!”


anbiAdamfo Ghana is a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO – in Dutch: ANBI) and is therefore entitled to make use of specific Dutch tax advantages. People making donations may deduct their gifts from Dutch income tax or corporate income tax.

01-banner-PartinAdamfo Ghana is a member of PartinPartin is the Dutch umbrella organization for small-scale private sector development initiatives, giving voice to and representing the interests of its members.