International Day for Street Children

8 - CopyThe 9th International Day for Street Children takes place on 12th April 2019, providing a platform for millions of street children around the world to speak out so that their rights cannot be ignored. We want to take this opportunity to speak out for the street children in Ghana.

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Every year we organise a number of activities in Kumasi to celebrate the International Day. And this year we are adding the north of Ghana to our scope with the Centre for Development and Policy Advocacy Ghana (CEDEPA-GH) in Tamale joining the celebrities.

We specifically ask the Ghanaian authorities to show more interest in the issue of street children and to develop policies that include structural solutions for this phenomenon. Street children should be empowered to stand up for their rights and get more support from their families, communities and the authorities. Of equal importance is to raise awareness among the general public. Parents, schools and communities need to become more aware of the challenges and dangers that street children face on a daily basis, and the risks of dropping out of school and becoming a ‘street child’.

International Day for Street Children 2019

From March until 12th April we are organising with our partners a number of different activities in Kumasi and Tamale to celebrate the International Day for Street Children. This includes visits to primary and secondary schools, and community buildings; conducting radio- and TV interviews; and former street children sharing their experiences with the public. The aim of these activities is to raise awareness and educate the public on the risk of children working/living on the streets in Ghana. We want to prevent children of dropping out of school and starting life on the streets. We estimate to reach over 40.000 people with our activities; schoolchildren, teachers and other staff of schools, church and community leaders, street children, university students and staff, and the general public through coverage by TV, radio and other media. On 12th of April our partners will hold stakeholder-forums om Kumasi and Tamale, approaching local stakeholders to develop suitable policies and support for street children, and recording their commitments for future follow-up.

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Internationale Dag voor Straatkinderen 2015

In 2015 we organised a celebration of the International Day for Street Children similar to the one of 2016. The event involved a march through the city centre, addressing the local authorities and media, and ending with a celebration with food and music at the drop-in-centre of SCP.

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