Yes, I support Adamfo Ghana!

You can give directly through PayPal or Ideal by clicking on the image below

 Thank you so much for your support!

If you prefer to make a bank transfer, our details are:

IBAN: NL03TRIO 0777 8346 42
BIC code (for international payments): TRIONL2U
Bank account: 0777 8346 42
Name: Stichting Adamfo Ghana
City: Wageningen, the Netherlands

If you want to donate to a specific project please mention this with the transaction.

Monthly donation

It doesn’t cost much to make a difference! This is what your monthly donation could do:

For € 5 a month a street child can attend primary school
For € 10 a month a newly graduated hair dresser can start her own business
For € 25 a month a child’s high school fees and books can be paid

Would you like to support us with a monthly donation? Fantastic! Please ask your bank to set up an automatic monthly transfer with the bank details as listed above.

Thank you so much for giving. This enables us to

> Help vulnerable youth continue their education and get a diploma
> Train more street girls into a skilled vocation
> Strengthen our advocacy campaign and empower out-of-school children to claim their rights to quality education

ANBI logoAdamfo Ghana has been awarded the ANBI status, which means donations can be deducted against Dutch income tax.

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Adamfo Ghana is CBF Erkend Goed Doel. Dat betekent dat wij voldoen aan strenge kwaliteitseisen en dat u zeker kunt zijn dat uw gift zorgvuldig wordt besteed en bijdraagt aan een betere wereld.


Will you support us?
You can donate through PayPal.
Thank you so much!

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